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Basic Tutorial Videos - embedded

Some basic information: 


This PDF illustrates the scenario on the NIH page on who should cite the PMCID (along with a link to the page).


Account Lockout after Exchange password change: 

If you experience continual account lockouts after changing you password in exchange (email password/active directory credentials), there may be an easy solution.  For the steps to take, look at this document (PDF).


In order to view these videos in full screen mode, click the link above the video.  This will open a new tab or Window, You can then click the broken square icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video to switch to full screen mode.



Installing/Using TeamViewer Quick Support Module 









Installing the Citrix Reciever: 

Installation on an iPhone  Installation on an iPad  Installation on an Android 




NIH Tools       
Using NIH's My NCBI and MyBibliography  Using SciENcv with a Base Profile  How to Assign a Delegate in eRA Commons   
Using NIH's My NCBI and MyBibliography Slideshow  Using the Suggest Feature of MyBibliography     




Einstein Specific Pages       
Using Cayuse  Changing your YUAD password in OWA  Montefiore Secureaccess Portal    
Using SciQuest Dell PunchOut and Firefox  Changing your Email signature  Elsevier Profile 
Converting to 16:9 aspect (widescreen) slides  Embedding Movies into Powerpoint  Signing up for Zoom 
Installing the Retrospect client (Cancer Center Specific)  Connecting an Android device to Monteradius  Installing the KACE tool and upgrading MS Office 



Adding a new user to the Konica  Generating Usage information on a Konica c654e  Adding new email users to the Konica C654e 



Using the Amazon Punch out  Using Zoom  Creating an EndNote Library for 2018 Surveys (AECC specific) 

Importing an EndNote Traveling Library (AECC Specific)  Mapping (Win 7/Win 10)  Installing Windows 10 update 1803  
Connecting to Montefiore's Guest Wi-Fi  (PDF version)
Setting up Outlook 2016 for the first time (PDF)  


File Transfer  Uploading Large Files to the Cancer Center 



Reporting a false Positive Identification to Symantec     



If you need any assistance with these tasks or need other help, and are a member of the Cancer Center, call Thomas Zucker-Scharff @ x3512 or email at


Message From the Director

I. David Goldman, M.D.

Since the start of the 20th century, scientists have sought ways of harnessing the immune system to attack cancer cells. The challenge has been enormous. The immune system is designed to destroy foreign ... 

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Statement in Support of HPV Vaccination for Cancer Prevention  

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