Institute for Aging Research


The Einstein Institute for Aging Research's multidisciplinary scientific investigations into aging unite faculty with diverse scientific backgrounds and technological expertise to focus on three areas:

  1. Macromolecules, intracellular organelles, cells, and tissues
  2. Molecular physiology, nutrients, & energetics in whole-animal models
  3. Genetics and genomics of aging in single cell animal models and aging humans

Areas of Emphasis

Longenity and Longevity  

Mechanisms for Cellular Aging  

Molecular Basis of Immunosenescence  

IGF-1 and Insulin Signaling Pathways in Aging  

Integrative System Physiology  

Sirtuins in Aging  

Molecular Genetics of Aging  

Program Projects

Functional Consequences of Impaired Autophagy in Aging  

DNA Repair, Mutations, and Cellular Aging  

Mechanisms and Strategies to Prevent the Metabolic Syndrome of Aging  

Roles of Genes in Exceptional Longevity in Humans  

Mobility Biology & Intervention Study

Cognitive Function in Aging  

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