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Pilot and Feasibility Program

The Pilot and Feasibility Program, a vital component of the recently awarded NIH Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging, will provide initial support for new investigators, allow established investigators to explore new directions, and enable the Center to attract scientists from other disciplines to Biology of Aging research.

The Institute for Aging Studies has funds available through the Nathan Shock Center Award to support several new Pilot and Feasibility Studies in the next fiscal year (June 1, 2011-May 31, 2012).  These awards are given for one year and are renewable for a second year depending on suitable progress. Five projects, addressing fundamental questions in biology of aging are anticipated to be awarded this year. 


All academic full-time faculty are eligible to apply. Projects will be considered on any aspect of fundamental or applied research relating to physiological aging and age-related disorders. The program is designed to support:

  1. New investigators with interest in aging-related research.
  2. Established investigators in other disciplines who wish to begin research related to aging.
  3. Established investigators working in aging-related research who wish to begin a new project representing a major departure from their previous research.


Applications should follow the NIH RO1 format (form PHS 398) but reduced in length (Research Plan not to exceed 4 pages). Applications do not require institutional internal review or Dean's signature. Funds are available for 1-2 years with a maximum request of $25,000/year.

Interested individuals should send a one-page letter of intent briefly describing the project, accompanied by an NIH biosketch (including research support) by March 1, 2011. Due date for final submission will be announced later.

Applications will be reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee and notification of final status given by April 15, 2011.

Submit completed application to: 

Shalini Leon Guerrero
Einstein Nathan Shock Aging Center
Price 350
Phone: (718) 678-1211 


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