Longevity Genes Project | Become a Participant in Phase 2 ("LonGenity")

We are currently recruiting for Phase 2 ("LonGenity") participants for the Longevity Genes Project.

Who Can Participate?

Phase 2 participants must be:

  • 65 years of age or older
  • Of Ashkenazi Jewish descent (family was originally from Eastern Europe)
  • Living in the United States
  • At least one parent lived to be 95 or older

What Does Participation Involve?

  • Annual visits to Einstein's campus

    Each visit will take approximately 2-3 hours (longer during the first visit), and will include the following
                -Medical history & physical examination
                -Blood test, EKG
                -Tests of memory and walking ability
  • Breakfast or lunch and transportation (or parking) will be provided free of charge

Benefits of Joining the Study

  • In exchange for their time, participants will receive a comprehensive medical assessment. Additionally, participants will play an active role in a scientific study that could lead to new drug therapies that may help people live longer, healthier lives and avoid or delay age-related diseases.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in the Longevity Genes Project study, please complete the form below. If you qualify for the study, a member of the Institute for Aging Research will be in touch with you.

Longevity Genes Project website

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