Rose F. Kennedy Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center

Cell and Molecular Imaging (CMI) Core

Director, CMI Core: Dr. Kostantin Dobrenis
Associate Director, CMI Core: Dr. David Hall

The goal of the Cell and Molecular Imaging (CMI) Core is to provide RFK IDDRC investigators with a comprehensive package of expert guidance, training and assistance in all types of optical, electron and related microscopy techniques and image processing, together with access to costly state-of-the-art equipment.


  1. To provide consultation on experimental approaches and design
  2. To provide training and assistance with specimen preparation and data acquisition
  3. To provide training and assistance with data analysis
  4. To provide top-quality and readily accessible graphics services


  • Optical Imaging Facility
  • Electron Microscopy Facility
  • Laser Capture and Microdissection Facility
  • Image Analysis and Graphics Facility


Type of Service IDDRC Rate IDDRC/Neuroscience Combined Rate Non-IDDRC Rate
Optical Microscopy:
Training on all instruments
Olympus Confocal assisted and unassisted
Zeiss Confocal assisted and unassisted
Neurolucida/StereoInvestigator assisted and unassisted
Olympus MTS automated widefield assisted and unassisted
Other widefield microscopes assisted and unassisted
$60/hr and $30/hr
$75/hr and $35/hr
$50/hr and $5/hr
$50/hr and $20/hr
$25/hr and $10/hr 
$55/hr and $25/hr 
$70/hr and $30/hr 
$45/hr and $2.50/hr 
$45/hr and $15/hr 
$20/hr and $5/hr 
$110/hr and $40/hr
$110/hr and $40/hr
$110/hr and $33/hr
$110/hr and $33/hr
$110/hr and $33/hr
Electron Microscopy:
Embedding assisted (no charge unassisted)
Thin sectioning assisted (no charge unassisted)
EM microscope training/assisted and unassisted
Tomography, assisted operation in all cases
$90/hr and $55/hr
$85/hr and $50/hr 
$110/hr and $65/hr
Image Analysis and Graphics:
Image processing and analysis training/assisted and unassisted
Graphic design, custom programming/macro and scripting
Poster printing
$8.50/sq ft
$7/sq ft
$80/hr, $110/hr and $22/hr
$10/sq ft
Laser Microdissection training/assisted and unassisted 
Flexstation fluores. plate reader training/assisted and unassisted 
Helios Gene Gun training/assisted and unassisted
$50/hr and $25/hr 
$40/hr and $25/hr 
$100/hr and $300/project
$40/hr and $20/hr 
$35/hr and $20/hr 
$85/hr and $250/project
$80/hr, $110/hr and $40/hr
$60/hr and $35/hr 
$120/hr and $400/project


Cell and Molecular Imaging (CMI) Core:

Allows for sophisticated state-of-the-art imaging of fixed and live cells; Shared Facilities 

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