Rose F. Kennedy Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center

What the RFK IDDRC Encompasses

The IDDRC, one of Einstein’s oldest and most established programs, is one in which basic scientists and clinicians are focused on intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) of children. Its collaborators have a common goal of disease discovery, diagnosis, prevention and treatment. It encompasses:

  • A revitalized administrative program, building new and productive collaborations at Einstein and its affiliated hospitals by uniting basic scientists focused on normal and abnormal brain development and function with clinicians caring for children with IDDs
  • A series of six cutting-edge scientific cores providing integrated support for biomedical, clinical and translational research focused on IDDs
  • A newly established Pilot and Feasibilty Grant Initiative and related outreach programs designed to stimulate and enhance IDD-related research and collaboration at Einstein
  • A monthly seminar program and a biannual workshop designed to foster cutting-edge research and the finest clinical care for IDD-related conditions
  • A research and patient-care network consisting of nearly 100 research labs and clinics at Einstein and its affiliated hospitals
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