Rose F. Kennedy Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center

Nutritional and Environmental Determinants of Brain Development

Nutrition and the environment have a measurable and well-recognized impact on normal development and health across the lifespan. Under the continual direction of gene-environment interactions, the developing brain is adaptable, yet vulnerable. It also is central to setting a life-course trajectory of health and disease. The Nutritional and Environmental Determinants of Brain Development Research Cluster was created to envisage a future of balanced understanding of the gene-environment interactions underlying a life-course approach to neurodevelopment, cognitive functioning and plasticity of the brain.

RFK IDDRC investigator laboratories and clinics at Einstein and its affiliated hospitals are making contributions related to the impact of nutrition and the environment on brain development:


Neurobiology of Obesity and Energy Homeostasis

Charron, Maureen (Biochemistry)
Chua, Streamson (Medicine/Neuroscience)
Schwartz, Gary (Medicine/Neuroscience)

Related centers:
Diabetes Research Center 

Environmental Exposures and Disease Risk

Einstein, Francine (Ob/Gyn)
Greally, John (Genetics)
Heo, Hye (Ob/Gyn)
Isasi, Carmen (Epidemiology)
Kaplan, Robert (Epidemiology)

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Center for Epigenomics 

Interventions to Modify Risk

Arens, Raanan (Pediatrics)
Bonuck, Karen (Family Med.)
Heptulla, Rubina (Pediatrics)
Rieder, Jessica (Pediatrics)
Wylie-Rosett, Judith (Epidemiology)
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