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Use of Logos

Einstein's name and logos are all trademarks of Einstein. Use of trademarks without appropriate licenses or other permission is strictly prohibited.

For answers to your questions about using Einstein's name or logo and for other file formats, please contact Creative Services.


Our Logo

The Einstein signature (logo) is the most fundamental part of our brand. From our website and publications to outreach activities and scientific presentations, it conveys Einstein’s values. It identifies us to the world, creating a strong image of our institution.

No alterations should be made to the symbol, wordmark, or logotype. Officially approved alternative signatures have been developed for situations where the preferred signature does not fit. Please download and review the guidelines for more information. You must contact Creative Services, at extension 2135, to obtain alternative logo files. For consistency, we ask that you only use approved electronic artwork.

To enable proper downloading, all files are provided as zip archives. You may need to install Stuffit Expander (Macintosh) or WinZip (Windows) to extract the files.



The preferred, two-color Einstein logo is available to download in five different file formats: EPS, TIFF, PGN, JPEG, and GIF. Refer to the following descriptions of each file type to help decide which is best for you.



Scalable vector (line) artwork. Best format for print and high-end production. EPS files can be scaled infinitely up and down without loss of resolution. EPS files are provided in Pantone®, CMYK color, and black.

For print, EPS files are available in both Pantone® color and the correct CMYK specification for four-color process production.




Popular format suitable for high-end or desktop publishing. TIFF files are provided in CMYK color. TIFFs can be scaled up to 150% of their size.




The most common file format on the Web. Designed as an image-storage format, it can efficiently compress large files. Suitable for Microsoft Office® applications and electronic communications – Web, video, and e-mail. Provided in RGB color




Use PNG when you need smaller file sizes with no loss in quality. Best used for electronic communications – Powerpoint, Web, video, and e-mail – but can be used in Microsoft Office applications. Provided in RGB color.




Use GIF for simple Web graphics having limited colors. They make very small, fast-loading graphics. Provided in RGB color.


Logos with the Tagline

tagline sizes

Additionally, you may wish to use the logo in conjunction with our new tagline, “Science at the heart of medicine.” Below are two variations of this configuration depicted in black and white, monochrome blue, and two-tone blue. You may download any of these configurations for your use from the zip files listed in the upper right-hand side of this page. (Each zip file contains the logo and tagline in multiple formats.) Please bear in mind that the tagline may not be used independently from the logo, which is why no file is provided of just the tagline.