Board Governors

President: Janina R. Galler, MD, ’72

The Albert Einstein Alumni Association Board of Governors is a group of dedicated Einstein alumni who have come together to strengthen the ties between alumni and the College of Medicine. Through a variety of programs and outreach, the Board seeks to encourage alumni interest and engagement with Einstein, as well as inspiring further development and fundraising for the College of Medicine.


Dr. Janina R. Galler, President
Dr. Snehal Pradyumn Amin
Dr. Hasan Bazari
Dr. Linda B. Broyde Haramati
Dr. Mohammad A. Faisal
Dr. Jay Marshall Feingold
Dr. Neal E.Flomenbaum
Dr. Raja M. Flores
Dr. Richard S. Frankenstein
Dr. George Fulop

Dr. Sharon Albers Glick
Dr. Stephanie A. Green
Dr. Arlene M. Henick
Dr. Bernard Kaminetsky
Dr. Arthur Mark Kozin
Dr. Michael Alan Kraut
Dr. Miriam Levitt
Dr. Assumpta A. Madu
Dr. Steven Mandel
Dr. David M. Merer
Dr. Michael Laurence Meyers

Dr. Farshad J. Nosratian
Dr. James B. Post, IV
Dr. Jody R. Piltz-Seymour
Dr. Norman A. Saffra
Dr. David Siegel
Dr. Brad Somer
Dr. Andrew J. Stein
Dr. Penny M. Stern
Dr. Elizabeth Stoner
Dr. Marie-Ange Tardieu
Dr. Sten H. Vermund
Dr. Edward Zoltan

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