Office of International Services (OIS)

Inviting a Research Scholar on a J-1 Visa

At least 4 months in advance of the expected date of arrival, the Sponsor (faculty mentor) must complete a "Request for J-1 Visa Form" and return it to the OIS, Belfer Building, Room 1205, along with the following documents:

  • Copy of the Research Scholar's curriculum vitae
  • Copy of Diploma
  • Copy of Passport page which includes Date of Birth
  • Proof of financial support (including funding source information for Einstein-paid Research Scholars)

Upon receipt of this information,the OIS will prepare the J-1(DS-2019 Form) and provide the Sponsor (faculty mentor) with the original form, along with the letter of instruction for the Research Scholar to apply for the J-1 Visa at the United States Consulate abroad. The Sponsor (faculty mentor) is responsible to send the forms directly to the Research Scholar abroad. The OIS retains a copy of the DS-2019 Form for the University’s records.

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