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iRIS Newsletter - January 2013

  • This email contains important information about the Einstein IRB’s new software (iRIS).  
  • Please read this entire message as it affects everyone involved in conducting human subjects research at YU/Einstein, Montefiore, Jacobi and NCB.  
  • iRIS software will be used by both the East Campus and West Campus IRBs.  
 iRIS Log-In Screen 

The Einstein IRB is excited to announce that iRIS is now live! 

Use of the software will be phased in as outlined below: 

  • Phase 1a (Current): iRIS is available for new Exempt and Expedited applications for submission to the East and West Campus IRBs. Applications started in PATS or using paper forms must be submitted by March 3.
  • Phase 1b (February 10):  All new Exempt and Expedited applications for submission to the East and West Campus IRBs must be initiated in iRIS. (Only applications started in PATS or using West Campus paper forms prior to February 10th will continue to be accepted during February.)
  • Phase 2 (March 3): The IRB will no longer accept PATS or paper Exempt/Expedited applications. 
  • Phase 3 (deadline to be announced shortly):All new Full board studies will only be accepted via iRIS
  • Phase 4 (schedule to be announced shortly):Existing studies will be “converted” to iRIS.  Researchers, please note that we will need your assistance to verify the conversion data and add missing information in order to proceed with subsequent IRB transactions such as Progress Reports and Amendments.

The Einstein IRB will keep the research community informed throughout this process via a series of emails. Up-to-date iRIS information is also available at:  

More iRIS information:  

The process of transitioning to the new iRIS software will require extra effort on everyone’s part, but the final outcome will yield significant benefits to the research community. As we move forward, to assist with the transition, there are user guides, optional training sessions, and drop-in office hours for one-on-one assistance.

  • Some of the many features and benefits of iRIS include:
    • Paperless submission (all study documents are attached electronically and submitted through the software).
    • Streamlined submission process.
    • Electronic signatures (applications can be routed to PIs and chairs for electronic sign-off/approval).
    • Dynamic application form (presents relevant questions based on the answers you provide).
    • Multiple browser support (iRIS can be accessed using most browsers from PCs and Macs).
    • Easy access to consents (all approved (stamped) consent forms and other study documents will be easily accessible in iRIS).
    • Single portal access (post transition, researchers will be able access all of their Einstein IRB (East and West) research protocols in one place).
    • Full review protocols will be assigned to the next available meeting (24/year).
  • Important changes to the submission process that will coincide with the release of iRIS:  

For information on how to access iRIS, please visit the iRIS FAQ:   

User guides/handbooks are available for download within iRIS.  

iRIS training schedule and registration information is available at:  

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