Albert Einstein College of medicine is committed to providing all employees at various stages of their careers learning resources that support and enhance professional growth and development. We invite all faculty and staff members to explore our learning and talent development opportunities. If you manage others. Please encourage your valued employees to utilize the offered courses to keep their skills strong and current.

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March – June 2017

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We look forward to having you participate in our professional development opportunities.

If you require an accommodation, please submit your request to Learning Network two weeks prior to the scheduled training program. For additional information and questions, please contact Natasha Reid at natasha.reid@einstein.yu.edu or at 718-430-3348.

It is our intent to avoid cancellation or rescheduling of any training class. Unfortunately, circumstances occasionally require us to cancel or reschedule a class in order to ensure we provide the best training experience possible. Classes will be cancelled no less than 48 hours before the scheduled class date. Cancellation notice will be sent to enrolled participants by email along with available rescheduling information.

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