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Resource Sharing Plans

NIH may require a Resource Sharing Plan as part of the Research Plan of a competing proposal.  For electronic submissions using, attach a PDF file of the plan to line 17 of the PHS 398 Research Plan form.  For submission using the paper PHS 398 forms, Resource Sharing must be discussed in section K.  Resource Sharing consists of two parts: 

Data Sharing Plan:Investigators seeking $500,000 or more in direct costs in any year are expected to include a brief 1-paragraph description of how final research data will be shared, or explain why data-sharing is not possible. Specific funding opportunity announcements may also require that all applications include this information regardless of the dollar level.

Sharing Model Organisms: Regardless of the amount requested, all applications where the development of model organisms is anticipated are to include a description of a specific plan for sharing and distributing unique model organism research resources or state appropriate reasons why such sharing is restricted or not possible.

Data Sharing:  

Sample Plan Guidelines:  

The following sample plan guidelines are provided to assist investigators with this requirement when data can be shared:

 Plan for Intellectual Property and Sharing of Research Resources

Intellectual property and data generated under this project will be administered in accordance with both University and NIH policies, including the NIH Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance of March 5, 2003. 

Ownership of sole or joint inventions developed under the project will be owned by the institution(s) employing the inventor(s).  Inventors shall be determined by U.S. Patent law, Title 35 SC.  University and Participating investigators/institutions will disclose  any inventions developed under the project and such inventions will be reported and managed as provided by NIH policies.

Sole inventions will be administered by the institution employing the inventor.  Joint inventions shall be administered based on mutual consultation between the parties. Similar procedures will be followed for copyrights.

Materials generated under the project will be disseminated in accordance with University/Participating institutional and NIH policies.  Depending on such policies, materials may be transferred to others under the terms of a material transfer agreement.

Access to databases and associated software tools generated under the project will be available for educational, research and non-profit purposes.  Such access will be provided using web-based applications, as appropriate.

Publication of data shall occur during the project, if appropriate, or at the end of the project, consistent with normal scientific practices.  Research data which documents, supports and validates research findings will be made available after the main findings from the final research data set have been accepted for publication.  Such research data will be redacted to prevent the disclosure of personal identifiers.

PI/Department to complete next section

Describe the following for the specific project:

  • Expected schedule for data sharing if different from above.
  • Format of the final data set
  • How will data be shared (sent electronically, etc.)

Additional Information: 

NIH Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance 

 Sharing Model Organisms: 

In compliance with the NIH requirements, the following Sample Plan may be used for all proposals (except fellowships and training grants) to the NIH that anticipate the generation of model organisms.

 Additional Information:

NIH Model Organism Sharing Policy 

NIH Policy on Sharing of Model Organisms for Biomedical Research 

NIH Policy on Sharing of Model Organisms for Biomedical Research Web Site 

Sample Plan:

"As for our plan to share materials and our management of intellectual property, we will adhere to the NIH Grant Policy on Sharing of Unique Research Resources including the Principles and Guidelines for Recipients of NIH Research Grants and Contracts on Obtaining and Disseminating Biomedical Research Resources issued December 23, 1999. All 'model organisms' generated by this project will be distributed widely or deposited into a repository/stock center making them available to the broader research community, either before or immediately after publication, in accordance with University policies. If we assume responsibility for distributing the newly generated model organisms, we will fill requests in a timely fashion.  In addition, we will provide relevant protocols and published genetic and phenotypic data upon request. Material transfers will be made with no more restrictive terms than in the Simple Letter Agreement (SLA) or the Uniform Biological Materials Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) and without reach through requirements. Should any intellectual property arise which requires a patent, we will ensure that the technology (materials and data) remains widely available to the research community in accordance with University policies and the NIH Principles and Guidelines document."

Optional insert, if applicable:

Our lab has demonstrated its commitment to sharing by providing ___________________ over the past _______________years. 
The PI needs to fill in the blanks.

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