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Human Subjects Education

NIH requires education on the protection of human research participants for all investigators submitting NIH applications for grants or proposals for contracts or receiving new or non-competing awards for human subjects. This requirement went into effect in FY2001.

"Investigators must provide a description of education completed in the protection of human subjects for each individual identified as "key personnel" in the proposed research. Key personnel include all individuals responsible for the design and conduct of the study. The description of education will be submitted in a coverletter that accompanies the description of Other Support, IRB approval, and other information in accordancewith Just- in-Time procedures. The use of a cover letter is also acceptable for contract proposals. After October 1, 2000, investigators submitting non-competing renewal applications for grants or annual reports for research and development contracts that involves human subjects research must also include a description of such education in their annual progress reports."

Official NIH Announcement - 5 June 2000 

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5 September 2001 Announcement 

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