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Cayuse Routing for Internal Approvals

The “Routing and Approvals” feature in Cayuse 424 is designed to obtain sequential departmental and institutional approvals of grant application submissions.  This system will be used for internal sign-offs on all applications regardless of whether the actual submission will be made electronically to a federal agency or via mail.

All proposals created in Cayuse will generate a generic Proposal Summary (which includes most of the information necessary for pre-submission review) and a Routing Chain (the electronic pathway for obtaining pre-submission institutional approvals).    

Each application must have (at minimum) a signed Einstein Grant Application Approval Form  attached in the Proposal Summary, Documents section.

Default routing chains begin with the PD/PI. PD/PIs or their delegates can set up his/her profile so a generic routing chain will be auto-filled with the creation of each new submission. In order to do this, the profile of each PD/PI should designate his/her Department Chair as the "Next Reviewer." Similarly, the profile of each Department Chair should designate the Office of Grant Support as the Next Reviewer. If this is done ONCE, every application created for a PD/PI will have the following chain generated automatically:

PD/PI→Chair→Office of Grant Support→Dean's Office→OGS-Budget→Authorized Organizational Representative→FCOI

Routing chains can be modified to suit the needs of each proposal (for example, any compliance department [IACUC, EH&S] should be added after the Dean's Office and any grant with a Montefiore employee as key person should have MMC-ORSP after the PD/PI's Department Chair).

PD/PI→Chair→Office of Grant Support→Dean's Office→IACUC/EH&S (optional, as needed)→OGS-Budget→AuthorizedOrganizationalRepresentative→Office of Biotechnology (optional, as needed)→MWBE (optional, as needed)→FCOI

After routing is completed (i.e. AOR has approved), the application is authorized for submission to the funding agency.  At this stage in the process, ANYONE with “Write” permissions to a proposal may perform the actual application submission to the agency.

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