Facilities Management & Engineering

Accessing Services & Forms

Accessing Services

Important Numbers and Information 

For any request for day-to-day operations, call the Engineering Operations Center at extension 3000  

Power Outage
Water/steam leaks
Too hot/too cold
Lights out
Environmental control failures in critical areas

For all other requests call the Engineering Administrative office at extension 2808  

To schedule work, an Engineering Work Order form must be filled out on-line, printed, copied and sent to the Engineering Office, Forchheimer Bldg. Room B-60. Or if your department is enrolled in our MicroMain Web Request system you may submit your request electronically. To enroll, fill out the MicroMain XM Web request form below and send to Anne Johnson at Forchheimer B-60.

Hang a picture
Routine repairs i.e. Paint
Replace carpeting
Hard-wired equipment hook-ups


Our Engineering Work Order Form, Data for Fabrication of Signs form, and Environmental Rooms & Equipment Monitoring Update forms are now available to be filled out on-line. Click on the link below for either form, complete the form, and print.

Instructions: PDF forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it loaded, just click the icon to the right to download it now.   

  • Engineering Work Order  
  • The top half of this form is to be completed by requesting department. The P.I. or Administrator with authority to approve use of your funding must sign the work order and provide a funding source number. This process must be done prior to submitting the work order to the Engineering Department at Forchheimer B-60.

  • Data for Fabrication of Signs 
  • If the request is for signage, please submit this form along with the Engineering Work Order.

  • Environmental Rooms & Equipment Monitoring Update 
  • Engineering requests that this form be completed annually in order to maintain updated records on who to notify in case of emergency (i.e. alarms go off in monitored environmental rooms and equipment).

  • MicroMain XM Web Request Enrollment Form  
  • To gain access to engineering electronic work request system.

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