Conflict of Interest



The web based COI System is temporarily Out of Service. 

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The Albert Einstein College of Medicine strives to ensure objectivity, balance, transparency, and scientific rigor in all academic activities.
To accomplish this goal, Einstein has established a Conflict of Interest Office, has appointed a Conflict of Interest Director, and has established a Conflict of Interest Committee composed of a balanced representation of the institution's clinical and pre-clinical faculties, as well as ex-officio representatives from the administration of the College of Medicine and its Affiliates.

Einstein has a comprehensive set of Conflict of Interest Policies. To identify potential conflicts, all faculty are to complete a web-based COI disclosure system to disclose any financial interests or other relationships relevant to their academic activities that may create (or create the appearance of) a conflict of interest. After review of these disclosures, the Conflict of Interest Committee establishes plans as required to mitigate identified conflicts of interest.


New COI Regulations read more 

Guidelines for Disclosure read more 


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