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The Graphic Arts Center – Creative Services

The Graphic Arts Center–Creative Services is a full-service art department with many years of professional service to the Einstein community. We provide advertising, marketing and branding solutions to support educational, scientific, clinical and community programs, and donor and administrative events. We can provide a complete advertising campaign comprising of advertisement placement, mailing list management, displays, research and event posters, flyers, brochures and direct-mail products to your target audiences.

In conjunction with these services, creative services will design and produce all your printed and digital collateral from concept through distribution.

Our team will work with yours to craft clear messages, help determine the most appropriate target audiences, provide effective methods of distribution and ensure that your print, video and online designs are professional and consistent with our branding guidelines.

Lastly, creative services is a fee-for-services provider. We will work efficiently and effectively within your department’s budget to give you support for all your creative needs. Creative services will provide line-item estimates for your approval before we proceed with your request.

For information about our fees and the ways in which we can assist you with your graphic arts, advertising, marketing or branding needs, please contact us at 718.430.2135.

Marie Kurtz

Marie L. Kurtz
Manager, Creative Services
Telephone: 718.430.8979
E-mail: marie.kurtz@einstein.yu.edu

Lorene Tapellini

Lorene Tapellini
Senior Art Director
Telephone: 718.430.2384
E-mail: lorene.tapellini@einstein.yu.edu


Jeneffer Gonçalves

Jeneffer Gonçalves Lee
Art Director
Telephone: 718.430.2382
E-mail: jeneffer.goncalves@einstein.yu.edu

Camille Anastasio

Camille Anastasio
Production Coordinator
Telephone: 718.430.2761
E-mail: camille.anastasio@einstein.yu.edu


tatyana Harris

Tatyana Harris
Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Telephone: 718.430.2387
E-mail: tatyana.harris@einstein.yu.edu

Donna Bruno

Donna Bruno
Graphic Designer
Telephone: 718.430.2385
E-mail: donna.bruno@einstein.yu.edu