Offices of Biotechnology and Business Development

Technology Development Program

Einstein’s Technology Development Program (TDP)which is managed by the office of business development, was established to further advance nascent patented and patent-pending technology licensing opportunities developed at Einstein, so that they may become more attractive to commercial entities that have the capability to bring these exciting innovations and research projects to market to benefit the public.

The first criterion for candidate selection of potential TDP projects is whether there is underlying intellectual property (patent) protection for the innovation.  Thus, it is vital that Einstein investigators submit their innovations to the office of biotechnology in the form of invention disclosures.

The office of business development routinely provides promising and appropriate Einstein technology licensing opportunities that have first been vetted internally to third-party commercial entities.  Often, the advice and participation of contract research organizations, research institutes and biotechnology companies are enlisted to provide objective feedback and suggestions for promising Einstein technology licensing opportunities as potential TDP projects. This third-party feedback and participation are critical components in determining which TDP projects proceed and the path that is selected for them.







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