Offices of Biotechnology and Business Development

Research Using Oncomouse Technology

Many of Einstein's faculty investigators use the Oncomouse technology in the lab to advance their research. This technology is proprietary to DuPont. In order to protect our faculty and allow for the continued use of Oncomouse technology, the office of biotechnology recently renewed its licensing agreements with DuPont. The office is responsible for ensuring that Einstein complies with the terms of such agreements.

The Oncomouse license agreement subjects Einstein, its faculty inventors and other researchers to the following restrictions:

  1. Einstein may use Oncomouse technology only for research purposes;
  2. Einstein may not use Oncomouse technology for any industry-sponsored research or collaborations with third parties; 
  3. Materials generated through the use of Oncomouse technology may be transferred to nonprofit institutions only if they have signed a license agreement with DuPont or an addendum to Einstein’s standard Material Transfer Agreement (MTA); 
  4. Einstein must submit annual reports to DuPont identifying all Einstein investigators using Oncomouse technology;
  5. Einstein must provide DuPont copies of all manuscripts and presentations incorporating data generated using Oncomouse technology, on an annual basis; and 
  6. All proposed transfers of Oncomouse technology must be directed to the office of biotechnology.

If you have any questions concerning either your obligations under the agreement with DuPont or the addendum to the MTA, please contact the office of biotechnology.

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