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Industry-Sponsored Research and Overhead Policy

Please contact our office as early as possible when you begin collaborating with industry regarding sponsoring research in your lab and/or a commercial interest in your technology.  If there is a joint interest in sponsoring a research project at Einstein, please provide us with the industry contact name.  We will contact the company to negotiate a sponsored research agreement on behalf of Einstein. 

Also, note the proper indirect cost charges that need to be included in any budget sent to industry.  Please send our office your proposed budget and research plan before sharing it with your industry contact.  We will check that the fringe and overhead rates stated are correct and to ensure that the plan looks reasonable.  This will also provide background information for when we speak to the industry contact.

 Below is information regarding Einstein's Overhead Policy; as well as a checklist for your review when preparing a budget for industry.

Overhead Policy and Industrial Grants

A. Industry

Applications to,or awards received from all industrial organizations for specific research projects are subject to indirect cost as follows:



$0 TO $4,000


$4,001 TO $18,750


$18,751 TO $32,500


OVER $32,500

NIH Prevailing Rate

B. Drug trials will not be considered industrial research for purposes of this policy and will be treated in the same manner as voluntary health and welfare agencies.

C. Voluntary Health and Welfare Agencies

A list of agencies and their current indirect cost rates can be obtained from the grant accounting office at 718.430.2201. Indirect costs on patents or royalty income are covered under the patent policy. It should be noted that all indirect cost (overhead) rate negotiations are a responsibility of management and that administrative approval is required before any grant or award can be accepted by or on behalf of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The administration reserves the right to refuse any Einstein grant or award that has not had prior approval.

Budget Checklist

  • Have you itemized your budget?
  • Have you explicitly stated the salaries?
  • Have you included fringe on the salaries?
  • Have you calculated the total direct costs?
  • Have you included the accepted institutional overhead costs?
  • If there is a deviation in standard overhead rate, has this been approved in advance by the institution?
  • Have you calculated the total budget plan? 
  • Have you shared this budget and research plan with the office of biotechnology before sharing it with industry?
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