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Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (Collaboration with Pfizer)

We are excited to announce a new translational medicine collaboration opportunity, Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI), that is open to Einstein investigators.  Information on the program, including the types of tools and resources that will be available to collaborators via this initiative can be found below.

The first call for proposals has begun! Applications are due March 14th.  

CTI is an innovative collaboration model, supported by Pfizer, that will allow investigators to advance research projects from the lab into the clinic. CTI projects are supported by significant resources from Pfizer – from technologies, antibody/peptide libraries, post-doc support, among other resources.

The collaboration is designed to jointly engage in Research Programs that identify protein biologic therapeutic candidates directed at targets/pathways that culminate in Phase I clinical trials that demonstrate Proof-of-Mechanism.

The CTI collaboration between Pfizer and Albert Einstein will be governed by a Joint Steering Committee (JSC), on which Albert Einstein and Pfizer are equally represented.  The JSC is responsible for supervising the overall performance of all Research Programs.

The CTI will consider funding research programs across a wide range of project maturity, from early research project concepts to projects with a therapeutic candidate already developed. In addition, there are no therapeutic/disease area limitations – all disease areas will be considered 

The JSC will hold two official calls for proposal each year. The proposal process for new programs begins with a pre-proposal application – a short (4-page) proposal, containing adescription of proposed activities and scientific rationale.

The first call for proposals has begun! To submit your application, please download and read the CTI Pre-Proposal.  Email the completed form to Ece Auffarth, PhD at with “Pfizer Pre-Proposal Application (PI: [NAME])” in the subject line. Pre-Proposal applications are due no later than Monday, March 14, 2011 

CTI Pre-Proposal Application 

Additional information about the pre-proposal application:

Only the JSC and selected reviewers at your institutionand Pfizer will have access to this proposal. However, information in the pre-proposal isnot considered confidential and so unpublished information should not be disclosedin the pre-proposal.

It is strongly recommended (but not required) that a clinical PI is involved in the program to bring insight and expertise from the beginning of the project on clinical trial design and proof of mechanism studies.

Decision Guidelines that will be used to help prioritize and select Pre-Proposals that should be considered for a Full Proposal:

  • Proposal is focused on development of a protein therapeutic
  • Strength of scientific rationale
  • Novelty/differentiation
  • Link to human disease
  • Path to clinical proof of mechanism (biological readouts that can be used in the clinic to determine action on target/pathway)
  • Available reagents from PI laboratory (Download to Pfizer resources list is below)

The JSC will be reviewing the pre-proposals in late March and determining which pre-proposals will be selected for further consideration.  Those selected will be asked to complete a full proposal – an in-depth (8-10 page) document describing detailed scope and research plans, resource requirements, and timelines.  The full proposal must be submitted jointly by Albert Einstein and Pfizer researchers. (Pfizer researchers will be match with Einstein PIs of selected pre-proposal applications.)

Additional information:

  • Learn more about Einstein's collaborative opportunity with Pfizer's Centers for Therapeutic Innovation program in Pfizer's press release.
  • Overview of the CTI Program 
  • Pfizer Technologies and Resources Accessible to Selected Investigators and Projects
  • Pre-Proposal Application (coming soon!)Further details will be forthcoming about how to submit your pre-proposal to participate in the program.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Ece Auffarth, Ph.D. ( in the Office of Biotechnology. 
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