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Research Tool Repositories

Einstein strives to comply with the National Institutes of Health’s policies and guidelines for disseminating research tools in a timely and responsive manner to those requesting tools.  Yet, we realize that responding to these requests may be a burden on both laboratory resources and personnel, especially when an investigator receives frequent requests for a material. 

In an effort to alleviate this burden, the Office of Biotechnology, in collaboration with the Office of Business Development, is developing relationships with various biological resource repositories that can serve as conduits, solely for material transfers between Einstein and academic/non-profit organizations.  The option to deposit Einstein material into a repository approved by the Office of Biotechnology is voluntary on the part of the Einstein investigator.  The service is primarily intended for materials that have generated non-commercial, academic interest. 

However, not all of the existing repositories are established for the sole purpose of transferring research materials between academic and non-profit groups.  Some repositories seek to profit from the sale of research materials, without providing fair compensation to the originator of the material.  Therefore, the Office of Biotechnology is diligently reviewing the services and business models of reputable repositories in order to find those that best meet the needs of Einstein and its researchers.

What are Einstein-approved Research Tool repositories?

Currently, Einstein has repository relationships with Jackson Laboratories, a respected mouse repository, and Addgene, a well-known non-profit plasmid repository.

These relationships allow the repository to serve as the intermediary for transfers of Einstein-deposited research materials to requestors from academic institutions and non-profit foundations.  The Office of Biotechnology is diligently working to expand its offerings of repository services so that more Einstein researchers may benefit. 


How can I benefit by working with an Einstein-approved repository?

Working with a repository approved by Einstein is simple, and the Office of Biotechnology is available to help guide the process.  Only a minimal amount of material is needed for the initial repository transfer.  After the initial receipt of materials, the repository organization will be responsible for reproducing and maintaining the material, as well as fulfilling requests from academicians and non-profit institutions, thus alleviating the financial and time burden on the Einstein researcher.  The repository will also record all requests and provide the Office with regular reports listing all recipients of transferred materials, which the Office may share with participating investigators. 

It is anticipated that working with repositories will result in numerous benefits, such as: (1) decreased turnaround time to produce and ship requested material; (2) reduced burden on Einstein researchers and laboratory resources; (3) increased exposure of the research tool and its associated researcher; and (4) third-party record keeping and notification service.   The Office continues to look for additional repositories that can process other types of materials common to Einstein researchers.  The Office will inform the Einstein community as new relationships are formed.


What do I do if I would like to deposit by Research Tool into an Einstein-approved repository?

Contact us and we will evaluate the technology and facilitate the process (  Please note: Materials should not be distributed to anyone outside of Einstein without the involvement and authorization of the Office of Biotechnology!





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