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 Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (“CTI”)  has announced its next call for proposals with the goal of selecting early-stage, large molecule projects related to inflammation, autoimmunity, tissue remodeling, oncology, rare or genetic diseases, neuroscience, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases 


The focus of the program is on antibody, peptide and protein therapeutics, with a mission to drive innovative drug candidates through a successful proof-of-mechanism in humans.  Selected CTI projects will be supported by significant resources from Pfizer – such as postdoctoral funding, research support, access to Pfizer’s technologies, antibody/peptide libraries, financial resources, and local laboratory/infrastructure. 


Please submit a short, non-confidential pre-proposal to Ece Auffarth, PhD ( in the Office of Biotechnology, NO LATER than  February 2nd, 2015.  The Office of Biotechnology is looking forward to receiving your non-confidential proposal for this opportunity.  Please contact us at 718-430-3357  if you have any questions.  




Richard Kosman (Director, Office of Business Development at Einstein) will be  hosting regularly scheduled "Office Hours" at Montefiore on the second Friday of the month from 9am - 11am in the second floor conference room at 3308 Rochambeau Avenue, Bronx, NY for  "drop-in" office hours. During these hours, Richard will be available to discuss the Technology Commercialization Initiative at Montefiore and how it relates to your research.  If you would like to set up a specific time with Richard, please contact the office to set an appointment.     


This site will serve as a communication tool for the faculty and staff of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as well as our industry partners. The office of biotechnology serves as the technology transfer office of the college, facilitating the licensing of college technology to industry and research collaborations between industry and faculty. The office of business development serves to further enhance the value of the college's research, clinical and intellectual property assets by proactively collaborating with the commercial, governmental, financial and entrepreneurial communities in novel initiatives. Together, the offices work in partnership and build upon each other’s strengths, in order to fulfill the mission of assisting the translation of basic research advances made at Einstein into clinical applications that can benefit the public. 

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine retains assignment of all patents granted to its faculty. The college, through its Patent Committee, provides a mechanism for internal peer review and encouragement for its faculty to pursue patenting of technologies that are novel and have clear-cut, practical applications in biology and medicine. These applications have broad utility in biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and pharmaceutical medicine. The college is interested in promoting industry-sponsored research on our campus and the commercial development of products derived from our research activities.  

Information about our policies on patenting and working with industrial partners can be found on this site, as well as technologies available for licensing and our contact information. We look forward to working with you.


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