Auxiliary Services



I would like to request car service. Who should I contact?
Vital Transportation is currently the vendor contracted by Einstein. They can be reached at 718.472.2800. Please note that you will need to reference a purchase order number when making a request. Most departments now hold and maintain their own purchase orders, so please be sure to check with your departmental administrator. For all other requests, please contact the security office at extension 2180.

Which vendor is responsible for shuttle service?
Allways East Transportation provides shuttle service between Einstein and affiliated hospitals including: Montefiore, LIJ and Bronx Lebanon. View the shuttle schedule. 

I live/work at Einstein and do not have a car. How can I find out about Zipcar?
Zipcar is a car rental company through which members reserve cars on an hourly or day-rate basis from a variety of pick-up locations. Currently, there are 4 Zipcars located on the Jack and Pearl Resnick campus, in the Palma II parking lot. For more information, or to membership sign-up, please visit (Members of the Einstein community receive a discounted group rate.)

Why should I share a ride?
Sharing a ride can help you save money on parking, fuel, and other vehicle costs. It also permits you to have a more predictable, productive, and enjoyable commute (where you can read, sleep, work, or socialize). And from an environmental or “green” perspective, you’ll be doing your part to reduce pollution, traffic congestion, and stress.


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