Auxiliary Services


Einstein Housing includes four apartment buildings located at:

Eastchester Road residences are for students only  ( Three buildings on Eastchester road are located in the same area )

Rhinelander residence is reserved for Postdocs 

Certain apartments are leased by the College of Medicine from private landlords.


Parking Garage

Rhinelander Residence Parking Garage

  • Parking Application 
  • When applying for a parking spot at 1579 Rhinelander, please print and complete the above application.
  • Bring the completed application to the housing office located at 1935 Eastchester Road suite #1A

You will also need to bring the following documents:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Current Registration and Insurance
  • Checkbook

*Currently, we are unable to process credit card payments for monthly parkers. 

Quikpark Parking Garage - Eastchester Residence

  • Applications are available at the booth Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm
  • Weekend passes are no longer available
  • Monthly parking holders can submit a payment at anytime using the drop box located by the entrance of the garage.
  • Quikpark is only accepting checks, money orders & credit cards as form of payment for monthly parking (they do not accept cash).
    *Currently, we are unable to process on-line payments for monthly parkers.

Contact Us

1935 Eastchester Road, 1A
Bronx, NY 10461  




Emergency situations should be reported to security as follows:

1925/1935 Eastchester Road:   718.430.3066 
1945 Eastchester Road: 718.430.3025
1579 Rhinelander Avenue: 718.862.1842
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