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Audio Visual

Welcome to the Audio Visual Department.  Our proficient technicians maintain all the classrooms, labs, lecture halls, auditoriums, and conference rooms on the Einstein Campus.  They provide exceptional service to the Panopto Capture, Video-Conferencing, and Computer Technology.  Our hours of operation are 8am to 4pm.  For a technician after these hours we request an index number to supplement the technician’s overtime.    


Video Conferencing Q & A: 

  • What rooms have video-conferencing capability? 

                Price 151 (LeFrak Auditorium), Price 351, Price 451 & Belfer 313B 

  • How many seats are in each video-conferencing area? 

                Price 151 (107 seats), 351 and 451 (30 seats per room) & Belfer 313B (15 Seats) 

  • Are there any reservation restrictions for these rooms? 

             Yes, you must book a room prior to requesting a technician.   

             Please see the Room Reservation webpage for further details.  

  • What are the set-up procedures, if any? How far in advance would we have to make arrangements? 

             A technician is assigned to each event.  The technician will arrive 15 minutes prior to the event.  

             We ask for at least 2 weeks prior notice for testing and requests for any event  

  • Are there any costs that we as a department would have to pay for? 

               Yes, after our hours of operation we ask for an index number to charge for the technician’s overtime.  

            Our hours of operation are 8am to 4pm.  After these hours we charge approximately ~$45/per hour.  


Lecture Capture/Recordings: 

  • Lecture capture/recordings are available only in Riklis & Robbins Auditoriums.  
 Device Capabilities at Price: 
  • The Price building supports VHS and DVD. 
  • Apple and PC products are supported at Price. 






Contact Us

Carlos Sanchez - Supervisor   

Audio Visual E-mail:  

Audio Visual Support:  914-881-4554




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