Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Policy No.0701: Documents Needed for Animal Use Protocol in Which All Animal Works are Performed Outside Einstein

Approved by Animal Institute Committee: 8/22/07

Reapproved 6/15/2011

  1. Animal Institute Committee (AIC) Requirements: Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein) has regulatory responsibility for all animal studies conducted by or for Einstein faculty that are part of any grant administered by Einstein, irrespective of animal use location. An Animal Use Protocol must be submitted to AIC for all studies that involve animal work regardless of location. If the study involves animal work being conducted outside of Einstein, the protocol should include descriptions of the animal work conducted off-site and the following additional documents must be provided along with the application.
    • Cover letter from the Principal Investigator (PI) stating clearly what animal work components will be performed outside of Einstein.
    • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee approval letter(s) for the proposed study
    • Institutional Biososafety Approval from the collaborating/contract institution(s), if biohazard materials are being used under the said protocol.
    • Copy of the Approved Animal Use Protocol from the collaborating Institution.
  2. AIC Approval: The protocol can only be approved when all the documents are on file.

NOTE: Inquiries about the status of a submitted protocol may be addressed to the AIC office (Dr. Sunder Shrestha), Ullmann 1103, telephone: 718.430.3563, or e-mail:


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