Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Einstein Policies on Animal Research

Policy # 9801 Use of Wire Bottomed (suspended) Cages for Rodents 

Policy # 9802 Avoiding Unnecessary Pain or Distress in animals 

Policy # 9803 Bedding Changes for Rodents in the Immediate Post-Partum Period 

Policy # 9901 Overcrowded Cages 

Policy # 9902 Use of Hazardous Agents in Experimental Animals 

Policy # 9903 Cervical Dislocation as a Method of Euthanasia 

Policy # 9904 When may drugs be given by intraperitoneal (IP) injection?  

Policy # 9905 Requirements for Performance of Survival Surgery in Rodents 

Policy # 9906 Euthanasia 

Policy # 9907 Exercise for Dogs 

Policy # 0001 and 0001-B were replaced by Policies #2011-2 and 2011-3

Policy # 0002 Timetable for Responses to Protocol Submissions and Requests for Revisions 

Policy # 0101 Ordering, Storage and Use of Controlled Substances in Animals 

Policy # 0102 Access to Animal Housing Facilities 

Policy # 0103 Euthanasia of Moribund Animals 

Policy # 0104 Housing Experimental Animals in the Laboratory for More Than 12 Hours 

Policy # 0105 Care of Animals with Experimental Tumors 

Policy # 0106 Provision of Special or Treated Feed or Water to Experimental Animals 

Policy # 0107 Training Requirements for Animal Users at Einstein 

Policy # 0108 Alleviation of Pain and Distress in Animals 

Policy # 0201 Identification of Research Animals; Euthanasia of Animals with Inadequate Identification 

Policy # 0202 Environmental Enrichment of Rodents and Rabbits 

Policy # 0203 Use of Volatile Anesthetics for Animals 

Policy # 0301 Use of Sterile Materials for Implantation or Injection into Experimental Animals 

Policy # 0302 Status of Experimental Animals Remaining at Einstein After the Departure of the Principal Investigator 

Policy # 0401 Production of Transgenic/Genetically Modified Mice 

Policy # 0402 Fertilized and Embryonated Avian Eggs 

Policy # 0601 Primate Enrichment Policy 

Policy # 0701 Documents needed for Animal Use Protocol in which all Animal Works are being Performed outside Einstein 

Policy # 2009-1 Animal Studies Performed by Core Service Laboratories 

Policy # 2010-1 Recovery of Costs Associated with Satellite Rodent Housing (Rodents Housed in Laboratories or Areas Outside the IAS Facilities 

Policy # 2011-1 SOP for Use of Core Services for Non-Einstein Animal Users 

Policy # 2011-2 Tail Clipping Mice and Rats for Genotyping 

Policy # 2011-3 Toe Clipping Mice and Rats 

Policy # 2011-4 Special Monitoring Requirements  

Policy # 2012-01 Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds in Animal Research

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