Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Policy #2013-01

“Provision of Special Husbandry and Exemptions from Standard Husbandry in Experimental Animals” 

Investigators requiring SPECIAL HUSBANDRY”, i.e., non-standard animal care [cage maintenance, standard feed, standard water, etc.] - as provided by the Institute for Animal Studies (IAS)] must receive prior approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) on the Animal Use Protocol. 

  • All  cages  with  Special  Husbandry  conditions  must  be  properly  identified  with  a  specific, appropriate Special Husbandry Pink Card issued by the IAS (see list below). 
  • Special Husbandry provided by the PI’s staff requires Adequate Cage Monitoring and Care of the animals by the PI/ PIs staff, as stated on the Special Husbandry Pink Card. 
  • DOCUMENTATION/VERIFICATION OF ADEQUATE CARE:  Monitoring  and  Care MUST BE DOCUMENTED in the animal room using the pink card or PI-specific Activity Log Sheets (provided by IAS, for the convenience of PI’s with large numbers of PI-maintained cages).  Refer to the IAS-issued pink card for specific PI instructions. 
  • Additional    Special     Instructions     for    WATER    and     FEED    RESTRICTIONS    OSPECIAL/TREATED WATER/FEED  are addressed in addressed in  Policy #0106. 
  • For the use of potentially HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES administered in the food, in water, or administered by injection or gavage - refer to Policy #9902. 

Approved:  12/17/2013 

Reviewed and Reapproved: 1/14/2014; 7/15/2014 

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