Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Policy #0302

“Status of Experimental Animals Remaining at EINSTEIN after the Departure of the Principal Investigator“

When a Principal Investigator (PI) leaves the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (EINSTEIN), all experimental animals are expected to be either shipped to the PI’s new institution, transferred to another EINSTEIN investigator, or euthanized by the date of the PI’s termination of employment at EINSTEIN.  If there is a delay in the disposition of experimental animals, then provision must be made for their continued care at EINSTEIN:

     1.  The PI must leave an active grant number for billing purposes with sufficient funds to cover per diems and any associated charges (e.g. separation of overcrowded cages) until the animals are no longer at EINSTEIN.  The normal per diem charges will apply for the first 90 days after the PI leaves EINSTEIN.  However, per diem subsidies provided by the Cancer Center will not continue, unless agreed to by the Cancer Center.  If animals remain at EINSTEIN longer than 90 days, per diem charges will be increased to double the usual rate.  If animals remain at EINSTEIN longer than 180 days, per diem charges will be increased to quadruple the usual rate and at the discretion of the Director of the Institute for Animal Studies (IAS) animals may be transferred to off campus commercial facilities for housing in order to recover space for investigators on campus. 

     2. If funds run out, and alternative financial arrangements are not made within 2 weeks, the Director of the IAS is authorized to euthanize all remaining animals.  The IAS will make every reasonable effort to contact the PI regarding alternative arrangements before any final action is taken.

     3.  If animals are to remain for continued experimentation by a laboratory member who is remaining at EINSTEIN, they must be transferred to another approved protocol, or the original protocol must be taken over by another EINSTEIN investigator, within 3 months of the original PI’s date of termination, or by the date the original protocol expires, whichever comes first.  A faculty member, not a student or post-doctoral fellow, must be responsible for the animals. 

     4.  The PI must make arrangements for the animals to be checked for illness, tumors, deaths, overcrowded cages, etc. on at least a weekly basis (or more frequently as described in the protocol).  If a member of the PI’s staff is not available to perform this monitoring, then the PI must make arrangements with the IAS staff to do so on a fee-for-service basis.  If a non-lab, non-IAS person is selected to monitor the animals, their name must be added to the PI’s protocol(s) and the IAS veterinary staff must be informed of the new name and contact information prior to the PI’s departure from EINSTEIN.

     5.  If the IAS veterinary staff feels the animals are not being adequately monitored or cared for after notification of the responsible person, they may, at their discretion, euthanize sick animals or separate overcrowded cages without prior notification.

Approved:   2/19/2003

Reapproved: 5/18/2005, 6/15/2011, 10/14/2014



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