Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

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When Preparing Training Grants  

When preparing training grants, please contact the Principal Investigator (PI) or the department Administrator for information regarding approved animal use protocols. Once a year, the IAUC provides the PIs and their Administrators with this information.  

In the event the PI or Administrator are unable to provide you with information you require for the training grant, the IACUC Administrator is able to generate a list of the PIs approved animal use protocols. However, the list does not include information regarding grants tied to the animal use protocols.

The IACUC will make every attempt, within reason, to assist you. In order to assist you, please be sure to request this information in a timely fashion. If you wait for the last minute to request this information the IACUC Administrator may be unable to provide you with the information before the deadline for submission of the training grant.

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