Office of Academic Appointments

Senior Promotion in a Primary Department

Process for Senior Promotion in a Primary Department

The following documents are to be submitted to the office of academic appointments: 

  1. Promotion Application  (must be typed).
  2. A detailed and comprehensive letter of recommendation from the departmental chair that addresses the objective criteria specified in the "Suggested Guidelines for Promotion to Senior Rank" (Clinician-Educator Track and Investigator Track).  The chair's letter must state whether the candidate is being proposed on the CET or unmodified track.  The chair's letter of recommendation should also include reference to the review of the proposed promotion and associated recommendation by the departmental review committee.

    To accomplish its charges, the Committee on Appointments and Promotions needs clear and explicit information about the candidate's contributions to the academic goals of the College of Medicine. The letter of recommendation should include, as applicable, a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the candidate's research, teaching, clinical and administrative activities contributed to the College of Medicine, its affiliated institutions and other local, national and international activities.  Specific and detailed comments are essential for the fair and accurate assessment of the candidate's accomplishments.
  3. Current curriculum vitae and bibliography, using the attached format.  If the attached format is not followed exactly, the nomination will be returned to the department for revision.
  4. For applications in the Clinician-Educator Track, a Teaching Portfolio must be included.  For applications in the unmodified track, inclusion of a Teaching Portfolio is highly recommended. 
  5. Referees:
    • The names and addresses of four referees who do not currently have  Einstein faculty appointments.  These individuals must be capable of assessing the candidate's accomplishments; however, they should not have worked closely with the candidate.
    • The names of four senior Einstein faculty members capable of assessing the candidate's accomplishments.
    • The names and addresses of four students, residents and/or fellows (as applicable) who can evaluate the candidate's teaching ability.
  6. Three copies of four or five of the candidate's most current and significant publications.

For a joint promotion, the promotion application must be signed by both departmental chairs and submitted with each chair's letter of recommendation.

The application for a promotion to a senior rank must be submitted to the Office of Academic Appointments by October 15 of any calendar year, to become effective the following July 1st. Under no circumstances should individuals use their proposed titles until such titles are approved in writing.

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