Office of Academic Appointments

Investigator Track

Suggested Guidelines for Appointment/ Promotion to Senior Rank: Investigator Track 

Appointment/ Promotion in the unmodified track is reserved for faculty members in the basic sciences and for clinicians who demonstrate a career commitment to scholarly pursuit and have documentation of their endeavors by way of significant publication.To be considered in this track, a faculty member must, at a minimum, be recognized as either:

  • An undisputed "international star" in one of the major legs (below) with strength in one or two of the minor legs. 
  • Having considerable strength in two of the major legs (including research for clinicians) with some strength in one or two of the minor legs. 

The faculty member need not have strength in all five categories.


 Major Legs


1. Ongoing commitment to basic or clinical research as evidenced by a strong record of peer-reviewed, senior-authored publications and/or book chapters

2.  Grant support

3.  Peer recognition for outstanding research

4.  Recognition (national recognition for Associate Professor; international recognition for Professor)

  • invited presentations
  • editorial board member
  • journal reviewer
  • chapter author


1. Peer recognition as an outstanding physician

2.  Directors or creations a specific service

3.  Recognition (regional recognition for Associate Professor; national recognition for Professor)

  • invited presentations
  • ability to draw clinical trainees

Teaching (courses, rounds, preceptor, lab mentor, conference leader) 

1.  Invited speaker at regional, national or international meetings

2.  Development or leadership of curricular courses or graduate school conferences

3.  Testimonials from residents/fellows as to teaching excellence

4.  Testimonials from students/postdocs as to teaching excellence

5.  Awards, objective scores from department or office of education


 Minor Legs


1.  Clinical departmental director or section chief

2.  School, department or hospital committees

3.  Organization of a service

Previous Rank

For example:

Illustrative Instances 



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