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Request For Applications 

Funding for Global Health-related Pilot projects 


Request for Applications for funding of Global Health Pilot Projects 


Details:   Up to $30,000/project per year to be awarded 


Deadline:  November 21, 2013 


GHC Pilot Grants are intended to facilitate emerging global health programs among Einstein faculty in preparation for future outside funding.. The purpose of pilot projects is to support international collaborative research and education projects, with a focus on low and middle income countries with the larger goal of enabling investigators to leverage preliminary findings and data to become the basis of a competitive extramural research grant application. Proposals may include support for treatment/service, if they include a capacity-building partnership effort that will create training and/or collaborative research opportunities for local investigators with Einstein students, fellows, or faculty. A rationale for such capacity-building plans must be clearly stated in the proposal. 



  1. Investigators with Einstein appointments;   
  2. Preference will be given to those Einstein faculty who are new to global health and are attempting research in a new area as well as to Junior Faculty who have not received NIH or other major grants; however any faculty member is eligible for funding; 

c. Preference will be given to research that is of importance to and tied into benefit for the host country; 

d. Eligible programs include those that develop research capacity, or conduct basic, clinical, translational, operations (implementation), epidemiologic, or education research.  

e.   Research that involves animal models which is conducted solely in the US is not responsive to this application. 

f.    Faculty should not submit proposals to study a health issue in a developing country for which there is no reasonable prospect that the population will receive some benefit from the results of the research or the knowledge obtained. 


Applications, to be submitted as a single electronic PDF file, should contain four sections (Strict adherence to the page limitations is required): 


  1. Title and Abstract (250 words) 
  1. Research/Education Plan  
    1. Up to 3 pages, single-spaced, 12 point type  
    2. For research grants, include: Specific Objectives, Hypothesis and Research Design. For Education projects, include: Specific Objectives, Plan Layout and Detailed description of proposed work. 
  1. Description of how the pilot grant will generate preliminary data for the basis of NIH or other  external funding proposal (1-page) 
  1. Biographical Sketch  
    1. Up to 3 pages – using NIH format  
    2. Include bibliography, other Research Support  
    3. Include all active and potential/pending key personnel support 
  1. Budget (Using NIH format)  
  2. Justification of budget (up to 2 pages)  
  3. Letters (maximum 3 pages) 

Electronic submission of the entire application as a single PDF file format is mandatory and will aid in our attempts to obtain rapid scientific expert reviews. Please send the completed application to You can employ the NIH fillable PDF file formats (PHS 398 forms are adequate) to assist you in creating a final, merged PDF file. 


Project budgets should be for a maximum of $30,000 over a 12-month period. Funding may be used to support personnel but clear justification must be provided for why support of personnel is required for the proposed project. Using funds for salary support for the PI is strongly discouraged unless it is needed to free up clinical time to enable the PI to do this project. If support is requested for the PI, a letter must be submitted from the PI’s supervisor detailing how salary support will free up clinical time for the PI.  


We encourage investigators to email early in their application process with their research focus and their faculty information so that we may identify appropriate expertise for review and provide guidance. 


Louis M. Weiss, MD MPH 

Co-Director, Global Health Center 


Kathryn Anastos, MD 

Co-Director, Global Health Center 


Jill Raufman, MS MPH 

Program Manager, Global Health Center 




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