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We have revised the original RFA to permit applications that are up to 3 pages in length--if appropriate for the complexity of the chemistry.  

Please note that shorter applications as originally requested will be fine, and do not require re-submission. 




The Center for Chemical Biology and Experimental Therapeutics  


the Harold and Muriel Block Institute for Clinical and Translational Research at Einstein and Montefiore 


We announce the availability of Pilot Funds for new translational research oriented projects for small-molecule probe development, drug design, and chemical synthesis utilizing the chemistry core facilities, especially those provided by the Chemical Biology Core Facility. Target-related chemical synthetic efforts across the spectrum of research disciplines and designs are eligible. These include compound library design, specific synthesis, structure-activity (SAR) studies and rational drug design. These funds are intended to enable investigators to generate data to provide the basis for seeking extramural funding. Researchers are encouraged to use this opportunity to establish collaborative interactions with the Core Facility team of scientists. Future funding can then support long-term collaborations utilizing the core facilities. Pilot funds are not intended to supplement funded drug design research programs, but to support new research directions. Recipients are required to hold the rank of Assistant Professor or higher at the time of the award. 



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