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2018 Resident/Fellow Research Symposium

Research Symposium Winners
Resident/Fellow Research Symposium winners: (Top Row L-R) Ariel Peleg, Jonah Zaretsky, Christopher Su, Chair, Dr. Yaron Tomer, Jay Chudow, Maxwell Bressman, Sandra Aleskci, Imge Huler: Bottom Row: Residency Director Dr. Lauren Shapiro, Santiago Thibaud, Justine Phifer, Daniel Choi, Jay Naik, Ashley Kang, Urvi Shah, Aman Shah, Alexandra Rzepecki, Jaehwan Kim

The Department of Medicine’s annual Resident/Fellow Research Symposium held on May 30, 2018, in Montefiore’s Grand Hall, featured a record 95 outstanding posters presented by clinical trainees, with awards going to the top 13 abstracts in the areas of clinical and basic science research, dermatology and case reports.

This year’s Research Symposium was notable for bringing together residents from the three internal medicine training programs at Moses, Wakefield, and New Rochelle campuses, with the goal of enriching the training experience and creating new collaborations across Montefiore and Einstein. Fellows from the division of Dermatology, Cardiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism and other sub-specialties also presented their research.

“This was an opportunity for cross-campus sharing of medical knowledge and ongoing research projects at Montefiore,” said event organizer Dr. Johanna Daily, a Professor in the departments of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and Microbiology and Immunology. “The residents met other residents, fellows, and faculty for networking, career development and identification of research projects.”

Following the lively poster session, keynote speaker Andrew K. Krumerman, MD, attending cardiologist and Associate Professor, Department of Medicine (Cardiology) discussed the importance of the mentor/mentee relationship and its impact on his career in the field of cardiac electrophysiology.

“The dictionary says it’s an experienced and trusted advisor, but it’s really more than that,” Dr. Krumerman said. “It’s about guiding people, being an ear for people and being a friend. He recalled the various mentors who helped guide him throughout his career, including his maternal grandfather, a Russian immigrant who taught him the value of hard work and perseverance. He also taught him how to fix things almost anything, which “lit the fire” for Dr. Krumerman to go into medicine.

In fact, mentoring is critical in the training mission of Montefiore Einstein residents and fellows. Members of the DoM faculty commit their time and expertise to help guide trainees. This year, the Outstanding Mentor Awards, nominated by presenting residents and fellows, went to Drs. Meredith Hawkins, Richard Kitsis and William Southern, who will receive support for Continuing Medical Education activities.

This year’s Research Symposium judges were Drs. Yelena Averbukh, Theodore Casper, Jamie Galen, Caroline Halverstam, Sunit Jariwala, Elina Jerschow, Tanya Johns, Ulrich Jorde, Bonnie Lee, Marla Keller, Beth McLellan, Aileen McGinn, Ellie Schoenbaum, Lauren Shapiro, Will Southern, and Hyunah Yoon. Resident and fellow posters were judged separately, and cash prizes were awarded ($200 for first prizes, $150 for second prize, and $100 for third prize).

Drs. Yaron Tomer and Johanna Daily presented awards to the prizewinners, several of whom will make formal presentations at the Medicine Grand Rounds on Thursday, June 7, 2018. Click here to view the Grand Rounds presentation invitation.

QI Design Idea Contest Winners 

Dr. Tomer also presented certificates and cash prizes to the five winners of the QI Idea Contest: Ashley Kang, Jay Chudow, Ariel Peleg, Jonah Zaretsky, Jay Naik.

“QI is one of among the most important research that we’re doing because it results in improvements and changes to how we treat patients,” Dr. Tomer said. “The fact that we’re admitting to ourselves that there is a much better way to treat our patients and we will commit ourselves to making these improvements is one of our greatest achievements." Read more here.

Resident/Fellow Research Symposium Winners

Resident Case Reports 

First Prize
Maxwell Bressman
, PGY 1, Internal Medicine Residency Program (Moses/Weiler campus)
Bressman M, Jagannath A, Shaines M
K-Cup: A Tea that Makes You Weak in the Knees

Second Prize
Nikita Fernandes
; Internal Medicine Residency Program (Wakefield Campus)
Fernandes N, Priyanka L, Goodman R
Life-threatening drug-induced hemolytic anemia associated with penicillin use

Third Prize
Benjamin Hayes
; PGY 2 Internal Medicine Residency Program (Moses/Weiler)
Hayes B, Swiderski D
Not Like Father: Psychosocial Factors in Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

Fourth Prize
Justine Phifer
; PGY 3 Internal Medicine Residency Program (Moses/Weiler)
Old Patient, Young Diagnosis: Endocrine Issues in the Elderly

Resident Clinical and Basic Research

First Prize
Christopher Su
; PGY 3 Internal Medicine Residency Program (Moses/Weiler
Su C, Lambert D, Wang A, Lefrancois D
Concurrent NSAID and warfarin use is associated with increased blood transfusions in hospitalized patients

Second Prize
Daniel Choi
; PGY2, Internal Medicine Residency Program (Moses/Weiler)
Choi D, Tong M, Goel S, Gritsman K
MET/RON Inhibition in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Third Prize: Santiago Thibaud; PGY 3, Internal Medicine Residency Program (Moses/Weiler)
Thibaud S, Aparo S, Chuy J, Kaubisch A
Prognostic significance of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in racial minorities with hepatocellular carcinoma

Fellows Case Reports and Clinical Research

First Prize
Aman Shah
Fellow, Moses Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology
Shah A, Ong E, Siddiqi N, Luke A, Sims D, Saeed O, Patel S, Murthy S, Shin J, Watts S, Jakobleff W, Forest S, Vukelic S, Belov D, Puius Yoram, Minamoto G, Muggia V, Carlese A, Leung S, Rahmanian M, Leff J, Goldstein D, Jorde U
A Multidisciplinary Continuous Support Heart Team Approach Improves Hemo-compatibility Related Outcomes in Continuous Flow LVAD Recipients

Second Prize (tie)
Urvi Shah
; Jacobi Medical Center
Shah U, Wang Y, Chung E, Kataoka K, Giricz O, Gordon-Mitchell S, Bhagat T, Mai Y, Wei Y, Gitego N, Choudhary G, Pradhan K, Bartenstein M, Rice R, Goel S, Mantzaris I, Shastri A, Derman O, Binder A, Kornblum N, Braunschweig I, Ogawa S, Verma A, Ye H, Janakiram M
North American Adult T Cell Leukemia Lymphoma (ATLL) is characterized by distinct, therapeutically targetable mutations in epigenetic modifiers

Second Prize (tie)
Sandra Alesksic
; Fellow, Endocrinology & Metabolism
Aleksic S, Yimagou E, Hulkower R, Ude M, Bhansali S, Carey M, Shamoon H, Hawkins M
Opioid Receptor Blockade with Intranasal Naloxone Prevents the Development of Hypoglycemia-Associated Autonomic Failure (HAAF)

Dermatology Case Reports and Research

First Prize
Jaehwan Kim
; Resident
Kim J, Lee J, Kim A, Jeon J, Oh C, Seo S, Kim I, Krueger J
β -Defensin 103 characterizes a distinct molecular phenotype of human acral melanoma, by its correlated expression with IL-17A & IFNg-mediated immune

Second Prize
Imge Hulur
; Resident
Hulur I, Skol A, Gamazon E, Cox N

Genetic Architecture of Melanoma 

Third Prize
Alexandra Rzepecki
; Medical Student MSU
Rzepecki A, Birnbaum M, Ohri N, Fox J, Kabarriti R, Bodner W, Mehta K, Garg M, Daily J, Kalnicki S, McLellan B
Nasal Colonization with Staphylococcus Aureus Before Radiotherapy Predicts Radiation Dermatitis: A Prospective Study

For a list of abstracts presented, click here.

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