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SciVal Funding FAQs

Einstein and Montefiore working in partnership with Elsevier, are pleased to be the first institution to offer all Einstein Faculty investigators personalized funding alerts, based on their Einstein Research Profiles. The new SciVal Funding module brings customized research funding opportunities to the desktop, and will help in identifying grant funding and collaborative opportunities. Faculty members will receive email alerts with recommended opportunities, based on your “fingerprint” created through Einstein Research Profiles ( [Other non-faculty members of the research community can access SciVal funding as a search tool, but will not receive customized email notifications.]

What does the funding tool do?

The funding tool within SciVal Experts matches funding opportunities to researcher expertise. The Elsevier Fingerprint Engine scans and analyzes every funding opportunity in SciVal Funding, automatically linking Fingerprints of the announcements to Einstein Faculty profiles in SciVal Experts. The tool will provide automated, targeted recommendations for funding opportunities and meaningful suggestions regarding potential collaborators for specific funding programs.

How many recommendations are provided to me and how often are my recommendations updated?

There are no limitations on the number of recommendations provided to an individual researcher. The tool will display all of the opportunities available to each faculty member based on their default settings.

Can I modify my Fingerprint within this tool to tailor my recommendations? Would the changes affect my Fingerprint in SciVal Experts?

The funding opportunities proposed to you are based on your career-long publication output. You may want to adjust your Fingerprint in order to receive funding recommendations that are more relevant to the projects you are working on now, for example.

Click the “My Fingerprint Profile” tab to access your Fingerprint. You can adjust the weight of the concepts in your Fingerprint to influence the funding opportunities you are recommended. A higher weight will yield more opportunities associated with that concept. You can also add new concepts to your Fingerprint in order to further refine your recommendations. All changes made to your Fingerprint will only affect your recommended funding opportunities. Your Fingerprint in SciVal Einstein Research Profiles will remain unchanged.

How do I login?

You can either login from your Einstein Research Profile page, through the 'Manage Your Funding Opportunities' link, or directly from the generated email. Once you get to the login page, enter your Einstein or Montefiore email address and hit 'Forgot Your Password'. A random password will be sent to your email which you can then use to login. Once you have logged in you can change your password through 'Change Password' in the navigation on the left.

How do I change the frequency of my email alerts?

Within the “Alerts” section of the tool, you can adjust the frequency of your email alerts or turn them off entirely.

In addition to adjusting my Fingerprint, how else can I tailor my recommendations?

Click the “Areas of Interest” tab. On this page, you can select your subject areas of interest, preferred funding opportunity types, academic rank and degree to make your recommendations even more personalized. You can also adjust the similarity threshold to control the relevancy of the recommendations.

How are suggested collaborators identified within the tool?

Recommendations for certain funding opportunities will include suggested collaborators. Suggested collaborators are individuals within your institution that have been recommended the same funding opportunity as you. The Fingerprints of these researchers share similarities with yours. You can click the email icon to send a message to the potential collaborator.

Why do I see no funding recommendations when I first login?

By default this tool is set up to recommend opportunities that meet a ‘medium’ similarity threshold. You can adjust the similarity threshold to ‘low’ to widen the tool’s search for relevant funding recommendations. You can also modify the “Areas of Interest” and “My Fingerprint Profile” settings in order to make your profile even more relevant to you. Changes to these settings will influence the recommendations you receive.

The funding tool is designed to provide you with tailored recommendations based on your areas of expertise and interest. The similarity thresholds within the tool are set at relatively high levels to ensure the recommendations are relevant to you. If, after adjusting the similarity threshold and your Fingerprint and/or areas of interest, you still do not see any funding recommendations, this means the tool didn’t identify any funding opportunities relevant to your profile at this time. However, the recommendations are updated frequently. Email alerts are provided with the tool so you will receive recommendations when a funding opportunity matches your Fingerprint.

How many funding opportunities are available in SciVal Funding?

SciVal Funding provides over 23,000 opportunities indexed from over 3,800 international funding bodies. SciVal Funding content is updated daily. For more information on the content sources, please visit the SciVal Funding "How it Works" tab on the SciVal infosite.