2013 Plenary Session

LCME Assistant Secretary and Senior Director Donna M. Waechter, Ph.D., visited Einstein’s campus for a kickoff event on December 10 and 11, 2013. The LCME kickoff is intended to provide schools preparing for their accreditation survey with an enhanced understanding of the intent of each standard and the goals of the accreditation process.

Donna Waechter, Ph.D. currently serves as LCME Assistant Secretary and Senior Director, LCME Surveys and Team Training at the Association of American Medical Colleges. She is responsible for working with deans of medical schools to establish timing of accreditation survey visits, selection of team members for those visits, initial and ongoing training of LCME survey team members, identification and training of new team secretaries, staffing of the LCME Standards Subcommittee, creating training modules for team member workshops, and managing webinar training events. She has 19 years of experience as an LCME survey team member and survey team secretary. Prior to becoming the LCME Assistant Secretary in 2012, Dr. Waechter worked for 28 years in a medical school setting, first as an assistant dean of students, and from 1997 to 2012 as an associate dean for medical education. During her tenure as a member of the dean's staff, she was responsible for leading 3 institutional self-studies in preparing her school for LCME full survey visits.

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