Message from the Dean

Allen Spiegel M.D.Dear Einstein Community,

In December 2014, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) will be conducting a survey of the medical education program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. LCME accreditation occurs every eight years and is significant in shaping the landscape of our educational enterprise. This visit is an extremely important step in the accreditation process. We expect to receive full accreditation again and need your continued help to do so.

In preparation for the December 2014 site visit, we have initiated the “Institutional Self-Study,” as required by the LCME accreditation standards. This self-evaluation and quality-improvement process is being coordinated by Michael J. Reichgott, M.D., Ph.D., and Penny Grossman, Ed.D., assisted by Ms. Vilma Kalten.

The self-study is being carried out by several working groups. Each will review data and policies pertaining to the specific LCME standards. The working groups will begin drafting reports identifying areas of strength, of adequate performance or in need of improvement. These preliminary drafts will be further informed by “Section Committees” responsible for each of the major sections of the LCME standards found below. A student-generated survey will be conducted simultaneously. Section Committee reports and the student survey will be collated by a Self-Study Committee, which will prepare the final Institutional Self-Study Report.

The working groups have begun their reviews, and Section Committees will produce draft reports by January 2014. Final drafts of the self-study report will be prepared in the spring of 2014 and updated in the fall of 2014, before final submission to the LCME. You may view a complete timeline of the process here.

I invite and encourage all members of the Einstein community to participate actively in the self-study process. You can comment on and/or respond to any of the standards or database questions by submitting a response form.

Following are links to the database of LCME standards:

You can learn more about the LCME accreditation process at the LCME website.

Allen M. Spiegel, M.D.
The Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz Dean

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