Auxiliary Services


Einstein Housing includes four apartment buildings located at:

1935 Eastchester Road 

Certain apartments are leased by the College of Medicine from private landlords.


Parking Garage

Aramark Parking Garage

  • Need a PDF link so students can print and fill out the application for the parking garage.
  • Also need a link for the Parking Guidelines
  • Will need some wording underneath the links stating something to the fact that we are not currently able to process payments online and payments must be made before the 10th of each month or a late of $25.00 will occur.

Rhinelander Parking Garage

  • A link for the application
  • A link for necessary information to apply (i.e. current registration and insurance, and checkbook)


Student Housing Work Order 

Einstein Housing Payment 

Floor Plan 

FiOS Trouble Form 

Meet the Staff   


For assistance with your laundry card please visit


Contact Us

1935 Eastchester Road, 1A
Bronx, NY 10461  



Emergency situations should be reported to security as follows:

1925 & 1935 Eastchester Road: 718.430.3066
1945 Eastchester Road: 718.430.3025
1579 Rhinelander Avenue: 718.862-1842
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